The Woodland Walk Experience

(1.5 hours)

A new experience for the 2021 season. The Woodland Walk Experience is an exciting walk that takes you into the depths of nature, to see a bird of prey flying in a true natural setting.

As we enter the woodland we prepare the Hawk to fly, taking off his equipment we set him free! As we wander, youíll experience him flying into trees, twisting and turning between them, before returning back to land on the gloved hand.

As the experience is designed for a small group or party, each person gets the opportunity to call the Hawk back to themselves a number of times, something that isnít possible in a large group.

Approximate duration 1.5 hours. We finish off back at Elaineís Tearoom for Tea & Coffee.

Availability on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons (No gift voucher or spectator availability for this experience)

This experience is suitable for age 15 and above.
More experiences coming soon!
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One Participants Voucher - £70.00
Two Participants Voucher - £130.00
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